Friday, November 9, 2012

Rosary Vs Radio

You do not need to be an executive to live a busy life. I am not an executive, but I cannot recall the last time I was bored because I had nothing to do. Work, family and my PhD keep me quite busy. Finding time for prayer and to creat the proper environment is always a challenge.

A few weeks ago I had my radio disconnected from my car, because it drained my battery and I did not want to spend money on getting it fixed. Since then my car has become exclusively a place of prayer and reflection; my little monastery on four wheels. I had prayed in my car before, but sometimes I'd just turn on the radio to catch up with some news or to listen to music. Besides for the rosary I can also do some spiritual reading, or better said spiritual listening, on my iPhone. I put on my headset and let it roll. My favorite 'readings' are those of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. He teaches sound Church doctrine without compromise, and challenges me without the slightest willingness to bend the teachings for my comfort.

Of course, prayer life cannot be limited exclusively to the car and there is a need to find time for prayer at home in family, and I do find time to pray at home. As a pater familias I need to be deeply rooted spiritually and the time spent with God cannot only be the time spend in prayer with the kids. If I want Christ to be the motor of my thoughts and actions, I need to get to know him and his heart, I need to get to know his Church and her teachings. So, why not use the car?!

Please, do not disconnect your radio in your car after reading this, but you might want to consider spending 15 minutes in silence with the Lord while you're on the road.

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