Tuesday, November 13, 2012

3 reasons why I don't want to be like James Bond

007 is super cool. Not only has he got all the money he needs to travel around and drive the best cars; not only does he have the coolest gadgets to obtain information, trace down people or eliminate them; he is also in control of the situation... always... even when he is not. He is the hero that the creators want the audience to aspire to be like.

James Bond does offer good entertainment, and I must confess that I do enjoy the Bond movies, but there are three main reasons why I would not like to be like him besides for all the danger and thrill he goes through, which I would probably not enjoy if I was in his shoes.

1) No matter how well he gets along with people or how well he can socialize, James Bond is utterly lonely and unsettled.

2) Even though James Bond is always in control of the situation, he falls for women. True, he is not a womanizer, at least not if you only watch one episode at a time, but overall he has been 'romantically involved' (as it is euphemistically put nowadays) with way too many women to be called a faithful type.

3) The highest ideals James Bond pursues are of this world. Plain and simple. We are not surprised or shocked by this fact, given that those movies where supernatural ideals are pursued are the exception to the rule.

My 007 friend has already got a special place on the theater screens and in the media, but my real heroes have a special place in my heart.

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